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Parmigiano Reggiano production

Our Dairy was born in 1904; throughout the tragedies of the two World Wars, it has been able to organize the work of hundreds of people granting respectable living and working conditions, even in hard times.

During the years, the Dairy has been able to make the right investments that lead to a big Parmigiano Reggiano production growth.
In 1960 – 107 associates – 20.000 quintal of milk – 3.700 Parmigiano’s Forms per year
In 2005 – 24 associates - 165.000 quintal of milk - 30.000 Parmigiano’s Forms per year
In 2018 – 17 associates - 267.000 quintal of milk - 50.000 Parmigiano’s Forms per year

Together with the quantitative development of the production, the dairy always kept in mind a big priority: the quality of the product. This makes the Dairy an Excellency of the Parmigiano Reggiano’s territory.

The company philosophy is in this sentence: “ you can produce cheese in thousands different ways but, if you want to do it in the best possible way you need experience, passion, reliability from the production of milk to its transformation, without neglect stock aging”.

The headquarter of the Latteria Sociale San Giovanni della Fossa is equipped to carry out the whole production process and the cheese seasoning. An important restructuring plan for the installation and the dairy structure is in progress to ensure better production adopting new and more advanced technologies.

In 1998 the certification ISO 9001 for constant renewal of installations
In 2012 our dairy has been registered in the Register of Historical Enterprises (companies that have made history in Italy)
In 2013 the Excellence Award of Production for 2010/2011 was obtained.

Produzione Parmigiano Reggiano

(the milk room in 1904)

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